Monday, August 20, 2018

"Life Coaching"

I thought I might say a few words about the recent trend of “life coaching.” It has taken off lately, like barber shops, tattoos, and craft beer. In Mexico, one can practice psychotherapy with a Bachelor’s degree (which is not the case in the US). I think that’s great, as I have learned much more through years of practice than I ever learned in fancy, expensive schools. So, the sooner one begins practicing the better.

The thing with “life coaching,” is that it pretends to not be psychotherapy and masks itself with a sports metaphor. To be a “life coach,” one need only attend a talk and receive a certificate…or not. There are no rules or qualifications that govern “life coaching.” One can simply say, “I’m a life coach,” and one is a “life coach.”

Psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, psychiatrists, etc., have to go through many years of schooling, followed by possibly years of supervised practice for licensure, before they can call themselves such. In fact, in the US, one has to have a PhD to even be considered a psychologist.

So, that’s just my two cents. If one is helped by “life coaching,” then great! People can be helped in many ways by many different methods. Mexican curanderas (or traditional healers) have healed me when I have been physically sick. So there is no reason to believe that “life coaching” won’t be helpful to some…especially if they are into sports and being told what to do.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


The English Translation:

It is the maximum meeting of the cannabis industry in Mexico, being the first educational fair with commercial exchange.

It is an event that originated in Chile, where it has been celebrated for 5 years, and since 2016 the Mexican edition has been held. Involving international speakers and workshops to provide knowledge of the medicinal, industrial, and ancestral uses of the cannabis plant.

Hopefully there will be information and sources for completely legal CBD (see previous posts).