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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Two things:

The new site is fully up and running.  It looks much better than before, and everything works as it should.  Czech it out!

Especially czech out the section on Transpersonal Psychology:

and the section on Garden Sessions:

It has been a hard row to plough, as I am no computer programmer.  And, yes, I built the website myself. 

SEO (Search Engine Recognition) is the most important thing; this is how people find the site (or not) on Google.  But it is the most difficult and confusing part.  Why can't I just make a list of tags/keywords that people are likely to use to find the site and be done with it?  Nope.  It is WAY more difficult than that.

Anyway, the site is climbing higher and higher in the Google rankings.  Now it shows up on the first or second search page, rather than not at all, and instead the searcher is offered an article on psychotherapy in Mexico written in 1992.  Yeah, that's what I was looking for when I typed in "English speaking psychotherapist in Mexico City."

The second thing is this Natural/Holistic type expo that's coming up in August.  It's free, so I'll probably go have a look.  Here's the info:
The link listed in the ad didn't work for me.  So, go here:

Take Care, All!
SAT NAM ~Antonio